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IMG_0288If you happen to wander past the Moosey Art Gallery in Norwich City Centre this weekend (Friday 13th-Sunday 15th May) you may feel like you’re witnessing a 3D animation come to life before you.

The Doodle Man, or Sam Cox will be stationed in the gallery in Bridewell Alley for a straight 48 hours doodling some weird and wonderful shapes to fill the entire gallery over the two-day period. He’s also dressed in a completely ‘doodled’ outfit, including hat and occasionally a pair of doodled kicks while doing so.doodleman

All for the World Child Cancer charity, who aim help provide every child with cancer access to the best possible treatment and care.

Mr Cox, or The Doodle Man, as he seems to prefer to be called, will sacrifice the comfort of his own bed this weekend, not getting any sleep whatsoever in order to complete his masterpiece, which will blanket the entire gallery, including the floors.

Randomly, the guy also has released an album recently titled I’m The Doodle Man.
He’s also from Kent.

Moosey Art Gallery on Bridewell Alley, Norwich.


Over the weekend you can register to purchase A3 cut-outs of the mural, for £10 each. All money goes straight to the World Child Cancer Charity. You can also pop into the gallery and see the wonder that is Mr. Cox work his magic, and even have a little chat. Plus, all donations are welcome.

Moosey Gallery and The Alley, the bar next door, will be running fundraising events over the weekend too.


All photos and words by CCZH Photography.


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